Teriyaki flavour

This is a lot better than the Reggae Reggae flavour. Just teriyaki is good but I also did teriyaki and spice which is amazing. Both these flavours benefit from not being too strong so some of the mealworm nuttyness remains.




Been really busy with work so no tasty snacks. Anyway, the little ones are doing well, enjoying the food and cycling through life. I’m going to be busy soon with four trays of mealworms, I need more space. I’ll update soon with flavour news …

First flavour, mmm

The first batch was plain dried. They were tasty but I wanted to try different flavours. As we had some reggae reggae sauce I thought I’d try that. Drying time wasn’t much longer, I’d marinated for about 2 hours.

The taste was basically reggae reggae sauce, not much mealworm coming through at all so I think a less intense sauce would be good.

I’ve got some teriyaki sauce and plan to use the same recipe as I do for my beef jerky for the next batch.


It’s a waiting game

The pupa are easy to care for, just sit there, odd twitch now and then. Looked this morning and some have got dark legs so it won’t be long.
Meanwhile in first tray, there’s only a few mealworms left. I’m going to let the pupa in this tray develop, lay eggs, then grow these for bird food.

More pupa

There’s more pupa today but haven’t seen any in transition between mealworm and pupa – would be interesting. 33 more so 41 now


Happy eaters

I think my mealworms may have been a bit dehydrated when they arrived. For the first few days they seemed to go mad for the carrot, you couldn’t see it under all of them. They are still eating it but not as many at once. Also they look healthier, I think.