Buying edible mealworms

As the farm isn’t running yet, (and when it is it’ll be a while before harvesting) I’ve been looking at buying some edible mealworms for others to try as there’s a lot of interest when I start telling people about my project. On to Amazon and it’s £3.99 for 15g. That’s £266/kg! And if you only want 5g – £600/kg! Surely I’m missing a trick here. If you want dry mealworms for your birds/reptiles prices start from around £8/kg.

Now there may be some extra cost involved in meeting hygiene requirements for human consumption but over 30 times the price?

An argument put forward by the insect eating lobby is the reduced cost of production over other sources of animal protein, due to reduced land/feed costs.

Even though the industry is in its infancy compared to traditional farming, I can’t help thinking there’s profit in the old tenebrio molitor larva.


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