From what I’ve read, there is a lot of variety in what people feed mealworms. The most common approach seems to be a base of grain product and a moisture source.

I’ve found oats in my local supermarket for 75p/kg. I can get carrots loose for 70p/kg although I probably won’t buy a kg in one go. Searching for wheat bran just throws up expensive health products. I was finding this strange as wheat bran is a waste/by product from the milling industry. Then I thought – animal feed. After a short search I’ve found a local animal feed and accessories supplier, mainly catering for horses, who sells 20kg sacks of rolled oats (£9.05) and wheat bran (£7.25).

I’ve already got a couple of kg of oats from Tesco but once that’s used I think I’ll be bulk buying and having a feed mix of oats and wheat bran. I’d like to produce mealworms at the lowest cost, making them a realistic alternative protein source, whilst maintaining a healthy farm population. I’m hoping this mix of grain and the addition of carrot will be sufficient for my livestock but I suppose only time will tell.


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